Posted by: lianadevine | 20 September 2007

Hello world!

Welcome to our blog. We are starting simply and hope that as time and experience allows, our blog becomes an interesting, interactive document that captures highlights of our travels.

Calvin will drive our bus to Mexico, and it is my job to take you all there via this blog. Your job is to bookmark this url, visit the blog often and make a comment or two from time to time. Please note: your comments are “public” and can be viewed by anyone with a ticket to cyberspace, so be nice!  You don’t have to sign up for WordPress to make a comment, just click on the comment button below.

We have a long things-to-do list for today, and really, REALLY hope to drive away tomorrow, so this is all I’ll contribute for now.

Happy travels/ buen viaje!



  1. Wow, Leanne, your new blog looks great! I found it really easily at and have bookmarked it like you suggested.

    See you again soon!

  2. Leanne, you scooped me as the first comment. Your blog does look and work well.

    Life is an adventure but you have added some spice. I’m looking forward to sharing the flavor.

    Wishing you fun and happiness. Stay safe.


  3. Cal and Leanne,
    These comments may be your first blog, but hopefully the first of many so you can stay in touch.
    Life is an adventure but you have added some spice. I’m looking forward to sharing the flavor through your blog.
    Wishing you fun and happiness in your travels. Stay safe.

  4. Have a great trip…we will follow along on your fabulous website you have developed.
    Good work

  5. Dear Leanne and Calvin,
    Hope you two have a wonderful and safe trip down to Mexico. I’ll be following the “Travels with Leanne and Calvin” blog as often as possible. Do take pictures and upload a few!
    Beijinhos, Teresa (Portugal)

  6. Dear Leanne and Calvin,
    Heartful and warm wishes for luck, happiness and good health in your new home and life.
    Sunny Mexico is lucky to have you!
    Hala from sunny Khartoum,Sudan.

  7. Have a great trip, Leanne and Calvin! I’ll be follwoing you from my cosy home, rooted in southern Buenos Aires!
    Count on me to help you with your Spanish, though I know you’re already quite good at it!

  8. Dear Leanne,

    I’m doing my job: posting and bookmarking this URL for travel updates 🙂

    It’s a cool blog, and thanks for sharing it with the Webheads. We will be part of your journey as well.

    Enjoy your trip to Mexico!

    Hasta la vista, baby!


  9. Bye Cally and Leanne,
    I hope you didn’t forget Sam!! He loves to travel.
    Hope you have fun, those of us still toiling away back home will be thinking of you on your adventure.
    Love Linda
    Bye Koon, thanks for your 11th hour phonecall. BTW, Sam is back home with his friends Deb and Joe. I think his days as “Travellin’Sam” are over.
    Leanne and Calvin

  10. Hey Leanne!!

    I’m back to work this week and will miss seeing you there. Take care and travel safe and keep in touch. Sandrarama!

  11. I also found your blog quickly and am hoping that we can start our communication this way and also on Yahoo Messenger.

    Bye for now

  12. Ah yes…The trials and tribulations of trying to get through the good ‘ol U.S. of A.
    As I have always said you just can’t have too many transmissions. Reminds me of the good ol days of racing swing axle transmissions. always carried 2 or 3 spares with us to quick change between heats.
    Amazing how a few tranny problems can bring a lot of “somehow linked” people together. Think of all the people and fun you have had thanks to a few bus issues.
    I hope this latest fix puts you comfortably and worry free, on the way to your destination.
    It has been in the 20’s most nights lately if that helps you with the coming of winter in the warmer climates of the southern reaches of California, and on into the yet warmer reaches of Mexico


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