Posted by: lianadevine | 21 September 2007

Elvis has Left the Building

The View from Our Driveway

Even though the last few days have been hectic, it seems we’ve run out of “things-to-do”, so it’s time to take that first step on our journey. We’ll be doing that within the hour.

Thank you to all who we shared one last visit with; our long goodbye was a great and heartwarming sendoff.

So on this auspicious day – Autumn Equinox – Claudia’s birthday – we leave you with our first view from our picture window of life.


PS I’m learning that I/we get to moderate (read:screen) all comments before they are posted, so if you don’t see yours come up right away, it’s because we haven’t gotten to it yet. We’ll try to keep up with that as best we can. Also, I’m trying to include a photo of our starting point, so forgive me if it doesn’t come out right. Hey, I’m new to this too.

*Hot tip: I’ve just realized in trying to post this, that you should click on “The view from our driveway” above, which will link you to a viewable photo



  1. I am really honored to be the one to share this url among the webheads! Have a wonderful journey through my country on your way to your new home. I am looking forward to reading all about it on this blog! A big Maryland hug,

  2. You should have said ” Magoo & Crew ” have left the building . have a safe journey and look forward to reading and seeing photos .

    Hey Doug, I like it! But not too many folk would know who “Magoo and Crew” are. Too much ‘splainin’.
    Leanne and Calvin

  3. Leanne,

    This is so exciting! Keep us posted and with lots of photos, your perspectives!


    Carla in Key West

  4. Hey Leanne and Calvin,
    Good luck with your trip to your new home .Sunny Mexico is for sure lucky to have you.
    A heartful wishes for the best of everything.

  5. Have a great trip.. Hope to see you in Mexico!!!!
    Wish we were there!!!!

  6. This is the next best thing to being a fly on the bus wall. Much better than on the windshield.
    Will still miss you!

    Good observation, Cheryl. Did you see the photo of our “picture window of death”?
    Leanne and Calvin

  7. Happy trails, and I hope that you have a wonderful adventure!


  8. Well days 1 and 2 of your trip were fun for us.
    Thanks for stopping by to say hi, and to meet our slobberer. Your visit was great we had a great time. I hope our time between visits becomes shorter. We hope to see you at your new homestead in spring 2009.


  9. Hey Kids, mean while back at the ranch has a whole new meaning if you know were I am coming from. Happy trails

    Hmmmm, Doug, I guess I don’t. Do you mean the one about “…the Lone Ranger…”???

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