Posted by: lianadevine | 25 September 2007

Meanwhile, back at the Ranch…

Day One: Our drive to the US border was uneventful, aside from getting our first rock chip within the first three hours. Spike settled into travel mode, watching the scenery go by and napping on my lap. The US side looked a lot like the Ashcroft area in BC, until we got into the Cascade mountains and through the Tumwater canyon.

Tim and Bunnie awaited our arrival at Pine River Ranch, their country B&B near Leavenworth WA. We had a quick tour of their last two rooms before the guests checked in, then quizzed them about their new venture as we munched on pizza.

Next morning, we watched the teamwork as they prepared ham and cheese omelettes with hash browns, cinnamon buns and fruit salad: Bunnie plated a pair of brekkies while Tim and Bailey delivered another pair. Then it was OUR turn to feast! Tim took us on a tour of the property, to the lake, Nason Creek, through the old dairy barn he’ll convert into a wedding reception hall. Bunnie joined us for the drive to Leavenworth, a touristy town too busy on a Saturday to even find parking. We bought Washington apples and some fresh bread before driving back to the ranch, stopping by the dam for a look-see. The 59er Diner was a no-brainer for dinner that night. We loved the retro decor, the old-fashioned milkshakes and the box o’ funky glasses that “Flo” brought for us to pose in.

Looking Retro at the 59er Diner

Breakfast the next morning was Belgian waffles, fresh strawberries and whipped cream with a side of sausages. A filling meal to send us on our way. But, as with tradition, we had to stop at the end of their driveway to decide our route. Well, this time it was my fault, as Tim had told us the best way to go to Vancouver WA; I just hadn’t gotten my map out to get oriented.

It was to be a short, four hour drive to Vancouver, where we’d see Huguette and Gary that afternoon. The fall colours through the mountains were lovely, so the trip started out enjoyably. Then the drive literally turned South when we stopped for a break at a rest stop 55 miles north of Vancouver, and we asked ourselves “Are we having fun yet?”

*hot tip: you can click on the words printed in red to be taken to that link; also, I’ve installed a map in the sidebar that you can click on to see where we are/were.



  1. Awesome widget, that map! The 59er Diner sounded like fun. Who’s Spike? Cat? Dog? Picture please. Is that really your bus in the header? Are you trailing your car too? This is a major enterprise, this drive!

    How about some interior pictures of the bus?

    The exterior scenery looks spectacular. Wish I were there!
    Nina, have a look at our new “Our Bus” tab – it’ll give you an inside peek at our bus-house. Yes, we are towing the Thing. What we’ll lose in fuel economy, we’ll make up for in convenience when we can unhook and toot around town, leaving the bus safe in an RV park.

  2. Wow! The Pine River Ranch looks and sounds wonderful!

    I also enjoyed the photo at the diner–and the glasses were something else! Apropos of vintage eyewear, see this link (in particular, the “Blaze” model):

    For some reason, the glasses bring back all kinds of long-buried clothing memories. Who remembers butch wax? Poodle skirts and can-cans? The time when jeans were NOT cool?

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