Posted by: lianadevine | 27 October 2007

Spike Says:

We sure stayed a long time at Uncle Todd and Aunt Becky’s. I thought we moved in there. Sometimes Aunt Becky and Uncle Todd would come and eat supper at our bus-house. A couple of times I got to go into their house and snoop around, but only if Taylor the catSpike keeps an eye on Taylor wasn’t home. Sometimes I would see Hershey the dog when I went for a walkSpike meets Hershey, but Taylor was too scared of me and Mama wouldn’t let me see the Moonpie cat. They have slugs there, but I didn’t really notice them. And even though I looked, I didn’t see any gophers in their holes. One time on our walk, we saw some horses. They were really big, but I wasn’t even scared. But when I heard the coyotes howl at night, it made me GROWL!

It rained a lot there, so I didn’t get to go out every day, but I don’t like walking in wet grass anyway. Then when we did go for a walk, Mama wouldn’t let me walk in the mud. She would wipe my paws as soon as we came back into our bus-house, then give me a brusha-brusha Spike can’t get enough of thisto get rid of the weeds and seeds that stuck in my fur. Mama likes to make big furballs with the brush, rather than let me leave them all over the furniture. She tells me all the time, “You ARE the Original Hairball” which is the kind of catfood she gives me.

It got really cold there, so even though I have lots of long fur, I got cold at night and had to snuggle in with Mama and Daddy. I wished it was summertime again!

Then we were finished watching Daddy and Uncle Todd play with Mr. Bus, and Mama cleaned up all my furballs and got Ready To Go. Uncle Gary gave me some kittynip from his garden. Boy, that stuff is good! Thanks, man!Spike sniffs out the Good Stuff

Dr. Brian wrote a note to tell the men in Mexico that I’m healthy enough to come visit there. It was just too long since I saw Dr. Carmel at home.

Daddy honked those loud horns when we left. When Daddy is driving, I get to sit with Mama and look out the window. It’s hard to nap because there’s so much going by to look at. We drove for a long time, and then I got to go for a walk when we stopped. I waited in the bus-house while Daddy and Mic banged around under the floor, and when they all came back, this big dog was with them, but I wasn’t scared. Spike meets JasonAfter he left, we drove some more until we got to the place where I could go for a long walk while Daddy set up our bus-house. While I was looking at some ducks in the pond, a black kitty came up behind me. I didn’t like the smell of HIM so I got grumpy and Mama made us come home.

The next day, we had to drive some more, and I didn’t like that much. It was starting to get hot out, so finally Daddy stopped so I could have a little fresh air. I saw something creepy in the grass, nobody ever told me they have lizards here. When we got there, I couldn’t get out for a walk because there were so many junky old buses and some strange cats hiding around them. It was pretty boring while I waited for Daddy and Ted to bang around under Mr. Bus, and Mama was only reading, so I had a nap because I missed mine today with all the driving and looking. When I got up, there was a funny-looking orange kitty watching me through the window. He only had one eye, but extra toes, and he lived there with Ted and all that old stuff.Spike eyes up One-eyed Albert

Today we went for a walk in that junky yard anyway, but I couldn’t eat the grass there in case it was bad for me. I could see some of those cats from the window, and they were ready for their breakfast just before we left. We didn’t drive very far today and that was good, because it’s hotter than ever. Good thing we turned on the airconditioning, even if it’s noisy.

I like this aventure because everytime Mr. Bus stops, I get to go for a walk somewhere different. Everything smells new to me, but sometimes the grass isn’t very good to eat. A few times I raise my tail…and water the grass myself. I like to see new buddy kitties, though Mama doesn’t always let me visit them. It was getting cold at Aunt Becky’s but now it’s like summertime again.

 “me-OUT”You know what? I saw a sign on the road here that said, “$1000 fine for animal abandonment”. I guess that’s good for me, even if I am a devil-cat sometimes. It’s so hard to be patient and wait for Mama to put on my collar. ‘Cause I’m ALWAYS Ready To Go. That’s why I say “me-OUT”.



  1. Spike you are one lucky travellin’ kitty!

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