Posted by: lianadevine | 3 November 2007

The Paul Harvey

Hallowe’en 2007, sitting in yet another bus shop yard, while Calvin pulls the transmission yet again…

This time, he’s correcting a longstanding clutch problem that Ted was able to identify at a glance. We told you Ted knew his stuff, didn’t we? And he’s doing a tuneup and checking the Jake Brake, which has been a little sluggish.

The bus shop du jour is in Oakland CA, home of the famousGreen Tortoise Shop Green Tortoise Tours. We drove here from Rocklin CA last night, while in nearby San Jose, they were experiencing a 5.6 earthquake. We didn’t feel a thing, except for the bumpety-bumpety-bump of the cement highway.

It just so happens our long-time friend Shaunna has partnered with current GT owner Lyle, who is the son of GT founder Gardner, who is our Guatemalan acquaintance who put us on to the new-to-us transmission. So now you know the REST of the story, as Paul Harvey would say. And it just goes to show how small a world we live in.

Remember, Shaunna knew we were tranny-shopping and wound up with one of the GT transmissions, so it was just a matter of time before we’d end up at their place to square up. We’ve been at Shaunna and Lyle’s home for almost a week, squatting on their street. Did you see the photo on our Vistas page of Calvin having a massage in the bus? That was Shaunna’s doing, arranging for her newly-certified friend Mike to come by and practice. We’ve enjoyed some summer-like weather while helping them outfit their boat for the winter travel season to Baja, then entertaining friends in the evenings. One night, under a full moon, Calvin and I tried out their hot tub, but it lacked the Canadian cold on our shoulders.

Lyle and Calvin have worked well together, hooking up the outboard motor in the new boatTeamwork, and it has given Calvin a chance to think about something other than our bus dilemmas. We had not met Lyle before, but we can see that he’s a good match for Shaunna. I’ve enjoyed getting reacquainted with my “Sister Moon”, sharing music, chocolate and cat tales. Miso is very expressive, and Shaunna does Miso stalks Spikehilarious impressions of his cat faces. Spike has not met Miso directly; each regards the other as an intruder. Let’s just say they have a healthy curiosity about one another.

We won’t be able to reacquaint with Lyle’s dad Gardner because he’s currently out of town. But we are most indebted to him for the transmission, as well as his trust and support in our time of need. We are grateful to Shaunna for generously opening her home to us and sharing her food, friends and facilities. Thanks to her, we’re connected once more to the Green Tortoise, an invaluable source of advice and assistance, not to mention shop space and parts. Lyle has been as kind and trusting as his Dad, accepting of our unanticipated arrival, offering unquestioning any help we need.

Good karma here, that Calvin returns with his kind of know-how and I return with … what else, baking. It’s what I do.



  1. Gary MIller here, of Gary and Tricia. Todd just sent me the blog address, so I can keep up with your new adventures. Man, you folks are the boldest people I’ve ever met. I didn’t really know what to ask or say ’bout your trip when you were here, so I didn’t sound all that excited. I was just flabbergasted, really.

    We’ve got lovely rain for the next 6 mont6hs here, I’m more than a little jealous. When we’re ready to come join you (10 years), we’ll drop a line.

    Best of travels

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