Posted by: lianadevine | 17 November 2007

Moving Out, Moving In and Moving On

From Oakland and our last chance to fixit, we headed to Mesa AZ – a destination not originally in our plan, but because of our delays, Calvin’s parents had arrived to spend the winter. Unfortunately, on a detour near Los Angeles, Calvin heard and felt the same nagging problem, so on our arrival in Mesa, we moved out of our bus and into Calvin’s parents’ house. The bus spent over a week in a shop, which was frustrating for Calvin, since he had no place to do the work himself.

While waiting for the phone to ring with word of the bus’s progress, we soon fell into Life in a Retirement Community. I can summarize in three words: Visiting, Eating out, and Shopping.

Visiting: We met quite a few of the neighbours in the park, particularly since many attended the surprise 50th Wedding Anniversary party for Mom and Dad. We also had dinner with family friends Jim and Marilyn and had the pleasure of meeting an online friend, Dennis, face to face.

Eating Out: Dennis, Calvin and I had lunch together in downtown Phoenix, which was midpoint for both of us and gave us the opportunity to show him the bus in person. Besides Tiggos, Calvin and I went to five other restaurants in our short visit to Mesa, the most notable being Waldo’s BBQ, which we found serendipitously while shopping for spray mist heads.

Shopping: At Waldo’s we asked where they had gotten their spray mist heads, and we did some research with a phonebook they supplied while we waited for our excellent and filling meal. Though we chased around Mesa, we eventually found a do-it-yourself spray mist kit while shopping for a portable gas firepit. We took advantage of Big Box stores at every major intersection and the high Canadian dollar to shop for items we thought we might need in Mexico. But the trip to the Apache Junction Flea Market, about a two-mile walk through endless stalls of repetitive must-haves, was a memorable outing, along with the fabric find at Fashion Fabrics, whose parking lot is actually carpeted.

We enjoyed summer-like weather the whole time we were in Mesa, except for the second-last day when it spit rain a little. So my other pastime while in Retirement Haven was Working on My Tan (easy to do in a topless Thing). We owe a big thank you to Mom and Dad Mackenzie for taking in The Squatters and making us a part of their retirement routine.

At last our bus was ready so we moved back in and prepared to move on.  Today, Shaunna’s birthday, we drove to Las Cruces NM and will cross into Mexico tomorrow. We intend to move quickly to our first major destination, Zacatecas, en route to Bacalar by December 16, when the Christmas season begins.

For a preview of Zacatecas, a place we enjoyed on a brief visit 7 years ago (Calvin noted at the time,”Even the name sounds neat”) click here.

I apologize for the short and simple posting this time – we are working on our laptop with limited wireless access so cannot insert photos or otherwise jazz up our entry. When we are in Mexico, we are not sure how often or reliable our internet access will be, either “free wireless” or in a cybercafe, but we will update as often as we can. Meantime, please continue to read and comment on our blog; we enjoy reading your comments and knowing someone is looking in on us.



  1. Hey there – good to hear you are finally moving into mexico – we are leaving in 18 days – so if you ever considered the baja do it now! Miss meeting with you at the pub – but am sure we will catch up with you soon. All our love – Tim and Sue

    Hi Tim and Sue,
    Saw the Golf Course Extraordinaire of Zacatecas yesterday and thought of you…maybe we’ll have a round on it someday. Enjoy Baja, we’ll miss you at our “annual” Christmas pub meet too. Cheers, Calvin and Leanne

  2. Hi guys,
    It sounds like you have finally got the bus fixed. I can only imagine Calvin’s frustration at having to let some stranger work on his bus! No doubt by the time you read this, you will be well into Mexico and all it has to offer.
    Life here in Kamloops has not changed much since your departure. The SOLD sign is till up on your house, so I guess the new folks have not moved in yet. The days are getting very short and the nights cold. Today has not gone above zero. No snow so far, but it’s only a matter of time.
    Life at RIH is still the same blend of too much work, too few people, and too much BS. Don’t you miss it?
    We are having our annual Open House soon, but I guess you guys won’t be here this year.
    I enjoy reading your blog, keep up the good work.
    Dig your toes into the warm sand and have a cold beer for me,
    Paul & Donna

    Hey Paul and Donna,
    No sand here, just dust (see new blog entry). But the cerveza is cold, so Calvin tells me. No, I don’t miss work much, though I do think about it sometimes…
    Leanne and Calvin

  3. hi. guys, we are in crescent beach. meeting people in brawley on the 22nd. and will cross at mexicali on the 23rd. don’t know if we’ll get a chance to hook up along the way or not.
    Hey Linda and Larry, we are not on the Baja, and won’t be, so sorry, you’ll have to drink our share of the cervezas yourselves. Enjoy Mexico! Travel safely, I look forward to reading you blog. Buena suerte, Calvin and Liana

  4. Hey, Calvin, Leanne, and Spike.

    I can’t tell you how much I was looking forward to our meeting—or what a wonderful time I had once we finally made connections. I was so thrilled, as a matter of fact, that I forgot to take lots and lots of photos. I’m really glad that your camera made a good shot of the three of us at lunch, and I loved the one of me adding to your “memory sheet.”

    I hope that whenever you’re in Arizona, we’ll be able to get together. I feel very close to both of you and am enjoying the ongoing story of your road trip immensely.

    I hope the next time we’re together I’ll even be able to meet Spike—though I do hope it won’t be in quite the way that it happened in my dream! (I had another dream about Spike, by the way, but it wasn’t nearly as interesting as the first one!)

    ¡Muchísimo gusto en conocerles—finalmente!



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