Posted by: lianadevine | 23 November 2007

Mexico Por Fin (finally)!

Our crossing into Mexico at the small office at Santa Teresa, outside of El Paso, went quite smoothly, thanks to our new “Easy Button” from Staples. I thought it would serve as insurance against any further calamities. That was EasyWe drove on through the desert to Chihuahua City and spent our first night in Mexico outside a stadium where a rock concert was going on (Chayanne, for any fans). Meanwhile, we watched the Mexican equivalent of “Dancing with the Stars”, which was actually more entertaining and varied than the American version we had been following.

The next day was another long drive, through rolling hills and deserty plains, to Gomez Palacio, in the state of Durango. We stopped outside El Torreoncito for a bus check and to let Spike, who was thoroughly bored, out for a walk. Since there was no green grass to eat, Spike took advantage of the dry climate to have a good ol’ dust bath, squirming and rolling in the deep, dusty ruts. We had to break out the vacuum cleaner, then he had a good brushing and later, a shower to get him clean.

Our home for the night turned out to be the parking lot of the new Sam’s Club that was built where the former RV park was. We got special permission to park there, but had the good fortune of a velador (night watchman) who was guarding the Christmas tree lot. In the morning, Alberto offered to guide us to the highway to Zacatecas, but since he was not off until 8 AM and we wanted an earlier start, we declined, and got verbal directions instead. Hmmmm…. in retrospect…I’m sure the way we went was not the way he meant, but we had an Adventure. (PS tried to upload a short photostory of this Adventure, to no avail…stay tuned…)
From now on, we’ll try to stick to the toll roads, though we are finding them expensive. Time or money.

Now in Zacatecas, we chose to stay at the campground 16 km outside of town – cheaper than the ones in town, lots of room to spread out, set up camp and do our thing, which for Calvin means balancing the carbs and replacing CV boots on the Thing. Meantime, I am the Domestic Diva, doing buswork and laundry.

We spent a couple of afternoons in Zacatecas, driving around to familiarize ourselves with the city we had enjoyed so much seven years ago on an overnight stay. We walked through El Centro, The Catedraladmiring the architecture and the parks, then stopped to have a late lunch. The English-speaking manager of the restaurant chatted with us, telling us about the city and where we should go. So the next day, we returned to a VW shop Calvin had seen in town to buy CV boots and met Pascual, who offered to guide us around the city (It was actually the buggy on the street that had caught Calvin’s attention as we drove around, and it turned out that Pascual and his brothers, who owned the VW shop, race off-road – just like Calvin used to own and race – in the desert around Zacatecas). After a thorough tour, where we saw the incredible vistas Zacatecas Panoramafrom many vantage points around the valley, we rewarded Pascual with the Mendeola cap that Arne in Vancouver WA had given Calvin.

We went on to take the teleferico (gondola) up to Cerro de la Bufa, the highest point in Zacatecas, so we could see the whole city laid out before us. There were statues of Pancho Villa and his generals on the summit, as well as a museum dedicated to the taking of Zacatecas in 1914. At the same place as the teleferico departed was the entrance to the Eden Mine, the first silver mine discovered at Zacatecas in the 1500s.

We’ve decided there is a lot in Zacatecas to keep us here longer, but we move on tomorrow, November 24, pushing South through some more of the silver mining cities of central Mexico.

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  1. Congratulations on making it to Mexico! I enjoyed reading your post; it’s the next best thing to being there. The people sound so friendly! Maybe you will return to Zacatecas later…. maybe even settle there? There must be so many neat places and no pre-ordained plan. It’s all an Adventure, as you say.

    (Wouldn’t more Adventures be worth losing time? But I keep forgetting that you are expected for the quinceanera party, right?)

  2. Hi – it sounds like you left AZ when I arrived for a week. Back here now and of course it snowed as soon as I got back. Glad to hear you are well into Mexico and enjoying it!

  3. Well looks like you are on your way and you can pull that tranny out with no problems.Your parents look great. It is only -20 today wind chill a little colder but you will not to worry about that .

    Take care

    The Coupers

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