Posted by: lianadevine | 9 December 2007

Cuernavaca Highlights

Usually the main selling feature is Location, Location, Location, but in Cuernavaca, we found it was Weather, Weather, Weather! We had it on good authority that there are 365 days of sunshine in Cuernavaca, and when it does rain, it’s only in the afternoon/evening, just enough to cool things down.  That was our experience in the 5 or so days we spent there, except once it did drizzle through the night and into the following morning.

Our good authorities were Cathy and Christine, who have lived in Cuernavaca for many years.  They are in the process of renovating a house and will shortly open their bed and breakfast “Casa Chocolate”  (Even their website is under construction).  We’d been following their progress on their blog and were looking forward to seeing the house for ourselves.

The day we arrived for a visit, they were moving into the finished part of the main house.  After a detailed tour of the house and grounds, they fed us pizza, Pizza by the Poolthen we helped carry boxes and lift furniture.  When we left, they had unpacking and organizing yet to do before company from Canada arrived the next day.

A few days later, they brought their guests out to our place, and we had a little visit after they had the tour of our bus-house.  We hope to see Cathy and Christine again soon, as they are driving in the same direction we are; we’ve made tentative plans to cross paths in Bacalar.Visitors from Canada

We played tourist in Cuernavaca one day, mostly visiting the central square (zocalo) and doing some shopping.  As in the majority of Mexican cities and towns, a huge church figures prominently in the zocalo and Cuernavaca is no exception.   We thought it odd that there was a skull and crossbone motif over the main entrance to the Acsuncion Cathedral. Asuncion Cathedral Inside, a stained-glass window made me think of my quilting, and I liked the font of a welcoming message to penitnents.  Not far away, we toured the Borda Gardens and learned that the poinsettia is native to Mexico.  No wonder there are so many stalls of them around Cuernavaca – this is where they come from!   As an aside, Jose de la Borda, who built the mansion and grounds with his silver fortune, was the same Borda who built the Church of Santa Prisca in Taxco, our “Gaudiness is next to Godliness” church in this not-a-bus-town about 75 km away from Cuernavaca.  Then it was on to WalMart!  Yes, Mexico has come of age and even cities smaller than Cuernavaca have welcomed WalMart, Sam’s Club, Office Depot, Costco and the like.  I grit my teeth and shop there anyway, but it does distress me that the Norteamericano values have pervaded the Mexican psyche.  More about that in a future post.

We really enjoyed our campground about 15 minutes south of Cuernavaca, so stayed a couple of extra days.  Even though the park is only 4 years old, the trees and plants have matured and are well-kept.  After the weekend that we arrived, we literally had the run of the place; it is mainly a weekend getaway for folks from Cuernavaca and Mexico City.  So the park cat and dog adopted us, we had a whole big swimming poolLounging by the Pool to ourselves, the gatekeeper opened and closed for us on our whim, and we took advantage of the good supply of power and water to enjoy long hot showers, do laundry and vacuum thoroughly.   We took Spike for walks, encountering some livestock he had not met before, and Calvin was excited to see four other buses like ours in the same place.  That was a highlight for him.

We also enjoyed exploring Chiconcuac, the little town where the RV park was.  Good shopping on the streets for produce, sandals and pollo asado (BBQ chicken), friendly people and internet on many street corners.  We went every day to check emails, and soon had a regular spot at the Internet Cafe.

We had hoped to meet with a friend from Mexico City, whom we had met at the Penticton Ironman in 2004. Ironman 2004 in Penticton Jackie is a dancer with the Mexican National Ballet and was busy in rehearsals for The Nutcracker, so it didn’t happen.  Don’t want to venture into Mexico City, right???  Maybe on the way back…

But our next stop, Cholula, awaited, so Thursday December 6 we left Chiconcuac, on much better road than we had arrived on.  That was a highlight for me!


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