Posted by: lianadevine | 26 January 2008

This was MY Thursday

At home in the world of work (that four letter word), I grew to dread Thursdays because they could often become a nightmare shift. This Thursday, though, I enjoyed more than most lately, NOT earning any money, but not spending any, really, either.

Spike got me up at 5:30 to feed him – I put him off until “daytime”. Slept in until 8, when it got too hot in the bus. Made a coffee-woffee and took it to the beach. Calvin and Bob were already there and the shelling was good. When I got too hot, I took off my t-shirt – down to my “Daisy-Mae” bra.

Though conserving water, I couldn’t avoid washing last night’s dishes, from the despedida with Scott and Jackie. Washed half the load, rinsing in a big enamel bowl, and prewashed the rest in the dirty dishwater. Cut and filed my nails, now softened from dishwashing. Tidied the bus, until Calvin called me to look at some yellow birds in the pine tree outside. I dug out the bird book and we tried to ID them. Meantime, I saw a little owl in the tree, so I asked Calvin to get his attention so I could see whether he had white eyebrows. Then I thought of Spike’s mice, so we tossed out a few to get the owl to look our way. He was mildly interested, then glared at me in the binocs before flying away.

Put away the dishes and started Round 2 while eating yogurt, crackers and grapes for lunch. I made another coffee-woffee to inspire some blogging, but went out with the camera instead. I worked my way through camp to the beach, taking a final photo of my feet relaxing, enjoying the view. The View in My World I thought about how the workday in the lab was going, and shared those thoughts with Calvin and Bob, who had joined me under the palapa.

Somehow, I ended up shelling again, then Calvin asked me to run down the beach to rescue something that was washing ashore. So I ran, barefoot, over sand, shells and rocks to scoop a red plastic hardhat – a place to store my treasures! On the way back I poked around in the tidepools, picking off snails and putting them back somewhere else, spooking fish with a wiggling finger, then sat motionless and watched even the tiniest shells come to life and walk across the rocks. Those hermit crabs get all the best shells! Calvin brought Spike out to the beach but he was nervous about the parasailers overhead so quickly headed back.

Brought my treasures home, then got a mango and a knife, and took Calvin to eat our mango in the ocean. We started walking up the beach, me looking for shells yet again, but he tired of this before I did. Back at camp, Spike had a staring contest with Rocky the camp dog, then went to eat grass and sniff the car cover on the Thing. After I took Spike in, Rocky came by to water the Thing’s tire. The sun started going down, but the birds were still singing and the waves were still rolling. I hadn’t written anything on the blog – even though I now had a Pepsi light on board too – but started writing my day in my journal to capture all the nothing I’d already done. Calvin made tostadas on the BBQ – it was 4:30 (almost quitting time at home).

We ate the tostadas and some grapes and had a seed spitting contest. We tied – both of us could spit as high as the awning. Then I read through the bird book, practicing birdcalls. We thought of Shaunna and how she and Calvin had made birdcalls out of foreign currencies.

Just before dusk we went to our baño and showered together, taking our shower gear in the Keydi Kan Kit. Calvin didn’t feel like going to send emails or pick up our laundry, so while he snoozed I worked on the blog…drat, the caffeine had worn off and it didn’t go well.

At 7 I watched Tormenta en El Paraiso and reheated leftovers for supper. We turned off the tube at 8 (conserving power) and took Spike for a beachwalk. In the dark, he wasn’t too concerned about the water, so got close enough to get his feet wet. We took a few pictures, then reviewed them on the laptop; I finished writing up my day while Calvin did my pedicure.

Bed at 9 pm so we can get up early for crabbing.  Fell asleep counting my blessings…



  1. Hi Cal and Leanne. It is minus 20 in Kamloops today. A little too cold for skiing so I’m taking the opportunity to defrost the freezer. If there was a way, I would like to send a Sunpeaks photo for your friends.
    I logged in and enjoyed your January blogs. My compliments on your writing style and excellent detail. For we who are ” wrapped up in daily lives” it is like walking through a forest with a small child with observations like coconut road kill.
    Yes, I’m envious of your new life style. Freedom to choose, friends to socialize with, daily unexpected occurrences, good food, relaxation.
    No responsibilities, or, heaven forbid – work. It is kind of like a SEINFELD show, eh. Hmmmm. Enjoy!
    We may see you shortly.

  2. What’s a coffee woffee, for God’s sake?

    Aha! Nina, you’re paying attention as you read. “Coffee-woffee” is my pet name for the General Foods International Coffee that I like to drink. I don’t drink coffee per se, but I love the caffeine buzz I get from this substitute. I take it wherever I travel (had it in Seattle last year) and brought about a dozen tins with me. My step-sister just brought down a new supply, I love it so much and can’t get it here. So now you know what inspires my creativity on the blog. Leanne

  3. Hello wanderers. I just clued in how to let you know that I am still alive and kicking and having Cabin Fever from all the cold weather around here; however, it is “milding” up now and spring will not be far behind
    I enjoy your blog and wonder where you will be heading next ; looking forward to hear about new adventures.
    Otherwise everything is pretty much the same , as always , and the family is also happy and healthy.
    Take care and keep up the good work.
    Love, Claudia

  4. Just wanted to tell you how much I love your adventures. I bought a Bluebird wanderlodge and will following your foot step. Keep up this wonderful dream going. Claude

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