Posted by: lianadevine | 16 February 2008

All the World’s a Sandbox to a Beach cat

One morning I went with Mama even before brekkie to look at the crabs on the beach. There were a few holes to sniff, Spike waitsbut I didn’t see any crabs, so I still don’t know what we were looking for. I don’t mind walking on the beach in the morning, except when it is windy, and then I don’t like walking anywhere. I don’t like windy. It makes my tailfeathers fly straight back.

One morning Mama showed me a lizard that lives in a log behind Mr. Bus. I had to sneak up on the couch to peek out the window because he’s scared of me. When Mama showed me a cucaracha, it was so teeny I didn’t even give it a sniff. But I saw a gecko and chased him up the wall until he ran behind the fridge. Then Daddy spooked him so he went in the blinds. Mama let me jump up on the table to see him, while she chased him out of the blinds. Now he’s hiding somewhere in Mr. Bus, I don’t know where and I can’t smell him yet. But they said I will when he dies… One night, Daddy showed me a walking seashell, Spike is boredbut he was boring. I liked the gecko better because he was fast and fun to chase. I sure wish he’d come out again.

I like to look out and watch the birdies in the trap Daddy makes. Spike watchesHe puts some old tortillas out and those damn grackles will come and take them everytime so I can watch. When I get tired of that I go for a nap, but it gets so hot in Mr. Bus. Then I like to go out and sleep under in the shade. I can even sniff noses with Max now but he wants to play and I don’t. That’s dogs for you.

Sometimes we go to the beach in the afternoons. Mama likes to walk really slow by the water with her head looking down and pick up stuff. That’s too slow for me, because I want to walk where the grass is. I wondered where all the grass was when we were at the beach. There was some in the yard behind Uncle Bob’s house but it’s like Stickerville there. After I walk in the stickers Mama makes me spread my toes so she can get them out. If she misses one, I have to bite my fur until it comes off and then I spit it out. Daddy and I like to sit in the palapa in the shade and watch Mama walk slow. And we watch other ladies walk by too.

When I walk on the beach lots of people look at me and ask Mama what kind of cat I am. Can’t they see I’m a Mexican beachcat now? Well, I like to dig in the sand and I have the big feets to do it.Spike digs Mama says it’s not polite to sit where I dig – the people at the fancy yard next door will be mad if they see me do that. But it’s natural to do it, and sometimes I just dig to find cooler sand to lie on, I promise. Daddy made me a beach house so I could peek out when I go downstairs to my bus sandbox, though.

In the afternoons when it is windy, that noisy boat is out with the big kite above it, and that’s too scary for me. I go right back to Mr. Bus where it is safe. I give Mama a loSpike is safeok if I hear that noisy boat when she says “Let’s go to the beach”, and if she makes me go, I put my ears back and walk like a Mexican burro.

When it was full moon time, we went to the beach at night. It was dark out but I could see with my beachcat eyes. I was looking all around but I didn’t see the water until it came and got my feets wet. Then I had to run! Spike runs Nobody told me the water would chase me like that.

Well, the beach is nice to live at, and it’s nice to look at, but there’s not enough grass there for me, so I’ll be ready to check out the next place we go.


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