Posted by: lianadevine | 26 June 2011

The Wheels are in Motion

After 3 years (!) in our comfortable rut in the Oaxaca Trailer Park, we have finally found a permanent home for us and our bus. The entire trámite, which has yet to play out, will be a story for another day. But here’s the nitty-gritty:

We first saw this property over a year ago, and while Calvin was immediately taken by it, I was less-enthused. It was a former restaurant, a big, palapa-like structure on 840m2 of nicely-landscaped property on a quiet side street in Santa Maria del Tule, Oaxaca. The price seemed beyond our budget and we had yet to view another 69 rejects before confirming that yes, this WAS the right place AND at the right price.

Negotiations back and forth over 3 months led to last Friday’s signing of a “promise to buy/sell” with a target possession date of June 30, in time to satisfy our OTP “eviction notice” (another future post).

So…the wheels are in motion, figuratively now and soon-to-be literally, as we prepare for the 15 km move. Then will be the renos to turn “La Verbena del Tule” into our new home.



  1. Awesome! It’s crazy that its been over 2 years since my aunt and I camped next to you all in the park! I recall walking to Santa Maria with her and enjoying the land between. The trees were amazing, and we had met friendly folk. Congratulations on the move!–Rachel Down

  2. Hi, friends.

    This is really exciting news! Congratulations!

    I look forward to reading and seeing more as your refurbishment project gets fully underway!

    Best regards from Phoenix—


  3. How very exciting! Calvin, hope you are ready, you’ll be busy for months to come!

  4. Hi Calvin and Leanne,
    So good to hear from you. I check your blog every so often and I am always sad to see the same post from Canada Day 2009 as I’d love to hear more!
    You are living the dream and so glad to hear you are moving along to a more permanent location. Looking forward to seeing some photos when you get the chance.
    I just had an email from Sam ( as in Sam and Bernie) this morning. She is living in Costa Rica at the moment doing some house sitting after an amazing trip through India, Russia, Bejing.
    Life here is good- It’s Remy’s birthday today so he is out for a trip to Canmore on an ild motorcycle he bought himself testing the highway before he goes on a longer trip with some friends July 8. This is the same day I march in the Stampede Parade!
    Are you on facebook? If yes then maybe we can keep in contact there? Friend me and I’ll accept!

    Much love to you both and good luck with the move.
    Liz Tompkins

  5. Congratulations Guys!

    We are excited to hear the project is moving forward as you both deserve it. The plans are exciting and I’m sure it will keep Calvin’s mind busy along with his hands. Keep room for Lewy and we look forward to visiting one way or another.

    Brenda & Todd

  6. Fantastic, everybody here are looking forward to see your new place, any place for wayward travellers needing place to stop with their Claude

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