About Us

 We are homeless and unemployed…we have no children or responsibilities…we are middle-aged and looking toward changing our “where” of life, not our way of life, for our golden years.

We first fell in love witih Mexico about ten years ago.  We had been to Loreto, in the Baja, on a dive trip a few years before, and it gave Calvin the idea to “sell everything, buy a bus and move to Mexico”.  That was a complete shock to me – we both had good jobs, a nice home in Kamloops and plenty of friends and fun.  Why give that up?  But he insisted that we were in a rut (maybe a comfortable one, but a rut nonetheless) so we needed to get out of that lifestyle and experience something new.  We bought a converted Greyhound, spent about a year renovating it, he closed his business and I took a year LOA from the hospital, we rented out our house and off we went.  We travelled along the coasts (east coast to Villahermosa, then across to Chetumal in Quintana Roo;  back through the isthmus of Tehuantepec and up the west coast) for the first six months then nipped up to Arizona, where Calvin’s parents winter so we could re-enter with another six month tourist visa.  The last part of the trip was spent on the Baja, most of it on the beach dry camping outside of San Jose del Cabo.  We met great people along the way, even adopted a family in Bacalar, Quintana Roo (I practiced my Spanish with their five-year-old).  We vowed to return within 5 years.

That was May 97-May 98; in 2000 we went again for four months, adding a jaunt into Guatemala and Belize to do a medical/surgical mission and deliver medical supplies.  This time our route took us through central Mexico, all the colonial cities, and again to see our family in Quintana Roo.  We have also flown to Mexico several times through the years, making side trips to Merida and Belize.

Now that we have driven through 29 of the 32 Mexican states, we have a good idea of places we’d like to spend some more time in, perhaps settle down in. We know we DON’T like touristy areas – the kind the snowbirds flock to. We have a list, and a route mapped, and hope to get to most of them by Christmas, on our way spend the holidays with our family in Bacalar.

We packed all we could fit into our bus-house, loaded in our travel-cat, said goodbye to family and friends and set off…



  1. Have fun we wish we were going with you.
    You are in our Prayers.
    John and Tami


  3. Leanne, We are coming to Mexico & would love to see you two. Can you E-mail me? The only E-mail address I have is the devine one..Donna

  4. I have enjoyed your webpage and posts. One of these days I intend to make a similiar pilgrimage through Mexico.
    I have a bus that looks to be the identical twin to yours. Mine is PD4104-5030. Even our interior conversion is somewhat the same.
    I would like to know if you have any difficulty getting fuel in Mexico and what the price of diesel is there at present.

    Clifford Neal
    E-mail – goodnews@jas.net
    Webpage freewebs.com/trinityinc/

  5. I really enjoy your travels, next year I will be traveling to Mexico. thank you for the great ensight in to what will be a great adventure. Claude

  6. I am Steve, the busnut that stopped in to see you in the Oaxaca trailer park. My friend Julio has imported several bus conversions into Mexico, and will be contacting you with some info. You can also find him as user “busdriver58” on http://www.busconversions.com BBS. Hope this helps!

    Be blessed and stay safe!

    Steve, XE1UFO
    San Juan del Río, Querétaro

  7. Are you still alive??? We have just finnished gutting our bus, and will be beginning the interior now. We have to be on the road in ten weeks.

  8. Happy birthday tomorrow Leanne! I lost all my addresses from my computer when it crashed but would love to keep in touch so please send it to me so I have it on my new computer. Take care! I’m thinking of you guys in sunny Mexico!
    Love Claudia (via Heidi’s iPhone)

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