We have always regarded the windshield of our 1957 Greyhound as our “picture window of life”; in our bus-house, the view is always changing. Please travel Mexico vicariously and virtually with us and enjoy our changing Ventana Vistas.

The View from Our Driveway

The View from our driveway just before leaving 21 Sep 2007. See Jack on the lawn?

Leavenworth WA

Calvin and Tim wash the bugs off our Picture Window of Death in Leavenworth WA

Vancouver WA

Calvin plays with Todd’s tractor outside Vancouver WA

Lowell OR

Bus parts galore in the Green Tortoise shop in Lowell OR.

Uncle Wiggly at the GT shop

Spike ignores Jason as we drive into the Green Tortoise yard at Lowell OR. “Uncle Wiggly” is parked to the side.

Williams CA
Arriving at Ted’s shop, Coach Maintenance in Williams CA, where we hoped to solve our transmission problems.

Inside Ted’s Shop

Some of the “cool bus stuff” inside Ted’s shop at Coach Maintenance in Williams CA.

Rocklin CA

At the Loomis RV Park, Calvin takes the top off the Thing. Just like summer, on October 23, 2007.

Rocklin CA

A view INTO our Picture Window of Life, at Rocklin CA. Mike’s Mobile Massage is definitely a first for our bus.

Sunrise on the I-5

Spike looks out at the traffic passing the rest stop at Lebec CA.

Mr. Bus’s view at Desert West Coach

Our lonely bus spent too long in the shop in Phoenix.

Approaching the Mexican Border

No lineups at the small crossing at Santa Teresa,  Sunday, November 18, 2007.

“That was Easy”

Calvin hits the Easy Button after a smooth crossing into Mexico and into Chihuahua.  Note our hologram sticker on the windshield.

Race Day in Ojocaliente

The racecars start to arrive at Jorge’s shop.  Note our cortinas now hanging in the window.

Washing the Windshield in the Rain

Calvin takes advantage of a light rain in Cuernavaca to wash the windshield.



  1. ORALE!!! Ya mero se van!! HOY, Viernes 21?

    BUEN VIAJE!!! we will of course read your blog, and we look forward to it.

    The only think we are not sure about is WHERE are you going, and for how long!!?? Maybe you don’t know that yet yourselves!! We look forward to hearing more about the planned agenda.

    Abrazotes to the two of you (3? do you have Spike for company?) Que les vaya muy bien.

    Dawn n Noé

  2. Did you solve the transmission Problem? What was wrong?


  3. I have probably just not known where to look in your material but I do not see your full names listed. Is that by design?

    I have PD4104 5030 and am very interested in your trip. Would love to do the same but circumstance just will not allow for the time being.

    Wishing you a safe and happy journey.

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